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Virtual Event Ideas

Are you looking for virtual event ideas? You have probably been in an online business meeting or a virtual corporate event, so you know those are virtual event options. But what other virtual event ideas are out there?

Maybe you want a more social virtual event or a way to make your virtual event fun. In a time when virtual is quite possibly the only option, people are looking for creative ways to keep people engaged and make their event a success – despite being online. We have been so fortunate to work with such a variety of groups, companies, and organizations, that we have a few virtual event ideas up our sleeves. We can’t take credit for all of these, but we’re happy to pass along the great ideas we’ve seen and helped produced.

Virtual Event Ideas:

1. Virtual trivia and games.

These are an easy way to keep your audience engaged. Plus, if you need a way to give out prizes or highlight sponsors, this is an interactive way to do it. Make sure you are using technology that supports your audience size and that you customize your questions and games to apply to your participants so everyone has fun.

2. Performances

People are missing concerts and theater productions now more than ever. Grab a top-notch performer or a local legend and give the people what they want! Or spotlight local students to highlight up-and-coming talent or simply showcase a nearby organization. You’ll also be supporting the arts, which is a huge bonus during these challenging times.

For their Valor Awards, CPMF had some beautiful musical tributes and performances.

3. Demonstrations and Teachings

Everyone is looking to DO something in a time when we are typically stuck looking at the same four walls day in and day out. By providing a demonstration or how-to session, your audience stays engaged. We have seen cooking demonstrations, flower arrangement classes, fitness instruction, painting lessons, and more. By creating a teaching moment, you’ll end up keeping participants more involved and ultimately create more value for your event.

Respiratory Health Association did a cooking demo as part of their event. It engaged the audience, highlighted sponsors, and helped them raise $40k more than they projected!

4. Experience Boxes

This is an excellent way to bring the virtual event experience to life. Partner with local vendors to put together fun ways for your audience to enjoy your event as if they were there in person. You can use sponsors to create these boxes or it can be a great way to highlight and support small businesses.

The Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts offered an incredible experience box for their participants. It raised money and supported local businesses!

5. Breakout and Smaller Group Opportunities

Don’t keep your attendees in one big group. Give them the opportunity to engage and interact with one another. Whether they are discussing topics that were presented by a main speaker, practicing their artistic skills, or just networking with one another, it creates the opportunity for more in-depth interactions and deeper connections to be made.

6. Green Screen and Virtual Sets

Take your attendees anywhere! Make your statistics stand out or your presentation more interactive. Walk your participants through a mock-up of development plans or let them escape to a whole new world. With virtual sets technology, there is no limit to what you can do with your virtual event or how you can present your material.

ECPA also used virtual sets to show their audience how the new building for which they were raising money, would look. 

These are just a few fun virtual event ideas, but they’re not the limit! We are still just scratching the surface of what can be done. There are so many ways to be creative with your event and customize it to make it uniquely you.

Here at Absolute, we like to say:

“Tell us what you need. We’ll make it happen.”

That’s exactly how Virtual Event Powered by Absolute was even born, and it still rings true today as the events landscape continues to evolve and change.

And if a fully virtual event isn’t right for you, try a hybrid event! It’s the best of both worlds and keeps all your attendees involved while still feeling safe. Or, if you’re worried about the element of a live virtual event, you can simply use our event video production team to make the perfect video that you can use wherever and whenever.

If you’re ready to jump in and start planning your next virtual event, contact us now to set up a LIVE demo.

But if you’re still wondering if virtual events are worth it, you have questions about virtual events, or you need a virtual events checklist to help you start planning, head over to our blog to get inspired.

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