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Virtual Events
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From online webcasts to complete interactive & immersive online events, we've got your back.

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Virtual Events Powered by Absolute

Don’t let social distancing keep you from being social. Let Virtual Events Powered by Absolute keep you connected! Stop postponing your event and re-engage with your audience.

We provide broadcast quality production and a team of professionals to support your event. We haven’t been around for over 25 years by standing still. Innovation, adaptability, and constant re-invention have kept us, not just in the game, but leading the charge.

Take your in-person event online no matter your event!

Let Virtual Events Powered by Absolute help bring your event to life!

  • Press Conferences
  • Community Events
  • Brand Outreach
  • Concerts/Musical Events

  • Commencements
  • Fundraisers
  • Athletic Events
  • Award Cermonies

… and anything else you can imagine!

Key Features

Customized Branding

We understand the importance of consistent branding when engaging with customers. Our virtual meeting solution allows for custom visuals in all aspects of the experience.

Safe & Secure

Keep your meetings and events for just the people you want. With password protection, waiting rooms, & private streams, trust us with your confidential information.

Seamless Production

Combine live and pre-recorded content, switch between cameras, and integrate the features you need to make your event seamless.



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