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Virtual Events Checklist

What’s the deal with virtual event production anyway? What do you really need to know? Well here’s a quick list of the highlights, but this is the short list. Be sure to also check out our Virtual Event Highlight Video and download our Virtual Events Powered by Absolute brochure so see even more possibilities for your next virtual or hybrid event!

Fully Customizable

Your event is exactly that – your event – so make it feel like it! You might think you can’t do much with virtual events, but that’s simply not true. You can use specific color palettes, your logo and theming, branded sponsorship loops, unique and attractive hashtags, a variety of lower third options, various speaker layouts, screen sharing services, and so much more! We can even create a landing page for your event that matches the exact look and feel of what you want your event to represent. Just because your event is virtual, doesn’t mean we can’t think outside the box. Now’s the time to get even more creative!

Broadcast Quality

Do you want professional virtual event production or do you want people to think you recorded this in your basement? We’re guessing you want quality virtual event production with a team of professionals to make sure it gets done right, and that’s what we give you! Professional video production, professional audio sound, professional lighting, professional video editing, and a professional virtual event team to walk you through each and every step. We want you to succeed even more than you do, so let us help you put your best foot forward for your next event.

Audience Engagement

If you’re worried your audience will check out or already has, let’s get them engaged! Just like you would for a live event production, we can generate audience participation through social media participation, live chat options, audience Q & A, virtual fundraising, polls and surveys, live workouts or tutorials, trivia questions, panel discussions, or event raffles and prizes. We have so many options for keeping your audience engaged, you’ll forget your event is virtual. Plus, your attendees or customers will thank you for making such a fun and interactive virtual event!

Seamless and Secure Streaming

If you love when a video you’re watching suddenly stops or skips or you love sitting through a glitchy video, this bullet point is not for you. But, if you love smooth and steady streaming without the threat of anyone hijacking your virtual event, then we’ve got you covered. With password protection, waiting rooms, private streams, backup internet operations, and secure endpoint delivery options, you can trust us with your confidential information and your private virtual event.

What else is on your checklist?

We’ve got you covered!

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