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Event Video Production

Need video production? We do that. 

Event Video Production Pre-Recorded, Live, or Hybrid

Event video production isn’t a new development, but it has certainly changed in our nearly three decades of experience. Your events are dynamic and constantly shifting, and your event video production should be just as engaging. Whether you need a video that captures the excitement and energy of your event and pumps it out live as it happens or you want a recap and summary of everything your event exuded, we’ve got you covered.

In this era of post 2020, maybe your event video production IS your event. We do that too. Virtual events are nothing new, but we take them to the next level. From fulling pre-recorded virtual events to live virtual events to a mixture of live and pre-recorded content, we bring your event to life. We’re experts in helping you translate your meaning and message to your audience in an engaging and captivating way that elevates and captivates

We walk with you through pre-production and initial concept all the way through post-production and everything in between.

Need video editing? We do it.

Want special visual effects? We’ve got you.

Have a certain idea you want brought to life? That’s our motto.

From virtual sets and using a green screens to script writing and voice work, leave all the details to us.

Whether you need us for your whole event or just a little editing, we can help.

We won’t leave you with a video that’s anything less than exceeding your expectations. Oh, and did we mention we have our own studio? So name your location – your place or ours or anywhere else you can imagine, and we’ll meet you there.

Professional Quality

Event video production has often been an afterthought, but in the post 2020 era, it’s truly a necessity. Don’t skimp on something that can reach a larger audience than you ever thought possible. With top of the line cameras, special lighting, and professional design, we make your event stand out.

Portable Options

Have the perfect location scoped out?
Want the comfort of your organization’s location?
Have no place to film at all?
We have our own studio on-site or let us come to you with our portable event studio. Your options are endless.

Event Video Production for Fundraisers

Using video production for fundraisers is truly one of the best things you can do to reach more people, raise more money, and have bigger impact.. See how taking your fundraiser virtual or even just using a video element can make your fundraiser more impactful and reach an even bigger audience.

Read all about it!

Case Studies

Chris Gardner Media

See how Chris Gardner Media used virtual sets for the biggest impact in cities across the country.

Respiratory Health Association

Taking their event virtual with quality video production, the RHA raised well over their predictions for their fundraiser.

CPMF Valor Awards

Being able to record and visually produce exactly what they wanted, CPMF created an impactful and meaningful event.

Need Event Video Production?

Make the biggest impact with your event – virtually or in-person – by adding the best video elements.