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Top Questions about Virtual Events – a Beginner’s Guide

If it feels like you’ve been sitting at your computer for nine months straight, you’re not alone. You might think you already know what a virtual event is and how to make one happen successfully, but it’s more than a Zoom conference, Teams meeting, or Skype call. We have the top questions about virtual events. So, what are virtual events and what else do you need to know about them? Here are your top 7 questions about virtual events, answered.

What is a virtual event?

You might be rolling your eyes, but virtual events can take on many forms and have many different meanings and messages.  The literal definition of a virtual meeting is any organized experience where attendees meet-up online and receive all content virtually, rather than gathering in-person in a physical location. This doesn’t explain the true value of a virtual event, though. Plus, if we’re looking at search statistics, we know the world is turning to virtual events now more than ever. So, let’s break it down a little more.

What kinds of events can you do virtually?

There are a multitude of virtual event styles to choose from. There’s almost no event that can’t happen on a virtual platform. From virtual social events and virtual fundraiser events to corporate online business meetings and virtual conferences, a virtual event can be whatever you want! The fun virtual event ideas list is literally endless, but here’s a short list of the different types of virtual events you can do.

Which is better, live or pre-recorded content?

This largely depends on your event. Do you need to update your audience with live information? Can you pre-record certain content to tell a better story or ease the nerves of your presenters? Are you looking to get real-time audience engagement? What’s your budget? There’s no “right” way to do this, but your goals and audience need to be considered. A solid virtual event company can help walk you through the options.

What do I need for a successful virtual event?

See what are our top 4 items to consider for a virtual event. These are just the basics, not an all-comprehensive list, but they need to be considered and prioritized. In short, you need to know that your event will go off without a hitch. For a virtual event, the technology has to be top-notch, not to mention secure. Plus, the quality has to be professional, and it needs to feel like your event, not someone else’s. Which brings us to our next question.

What kinds of customizations can I do for my virtual event?

Maybe you need multiple hosting endpoints to reach the largest audience or a fully customized landing page where you can send your attendees. Maybe you want a countdown clock, promo videos, integrated social media feeds, or a variety of presenter and speaker capabilities. How do you want your audience to engage and interact with your event? Do you need custom graphics or sponsor loops? What about the option for presenters to run slides remotely? The possibilities are endless when it comes to customization. Make sure you consider all your options so you get exactly what you want.

Is a virtual event worth it?

If you’re taking your event online, you want it to be exciting, engaging, and informative. Plus, you want it to feel like your company, your brand, or your cause. If you’re asking is a virtual event worth it, you’re not alone. And we gave you our top three reasons on why a virtual event is worth it. In short, they help you build momentum, save you money in comparison to in-person events, and the content can be leveraged forever. You might even exceed your own expectations, just like our client, Respiratory Health Association.

Lastly, how? How do I take my live, in-person event virtual?

If you’re struggling with the how, that’s where a trusted virtual event production company comes in. Virtual Events Powered by Absolute takes the guesswork and mystery out of planning your virtual event. Check out our virtual events page on our website for a quick highlight reel and read some testimonies from clients who were able to turn their in-person event into an online experience seamlessly. Or you can download our virtual events brochure for a quick overview of the ins and outs of virtual events just to get a sneak peak.

These are the top questions about virtual events that we get from clients everyday, but what about you? What questions do you have? If you’re wondering if a virtual event is right for your brand or organization, let us help. We want to make planning a virtual event easy for you. Schedule a free consultation with us by clicking the contact us button below. Let’s start planning your next virtual event.

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