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Benefits of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the new normal, at least for now. Using solely virtual events will gradually disappear as we transition back to in-person events.

But there are many benefits to hybrid events.

If there’s one thing you should know coming out of the pandemic in regards to events, it’s that there are certain elements of virtual events that can be very useful, even as we return to in-person events. Of course, this all depends on the purpose of your event, the type of your event, and your audience.

While we’re very excited to return to in-person events, there are certainly still lots of advantages to including virtual to your event and creating a hybrid event. Adding a virtual element to your in-person event can make it more accessible, more profitable, and more enduring. Let us explain what we mean.

Providing a virtual option to your in-person event makes it more accessible.

There will be people who are still afraid to come in-person or who simply can’t. But losing them as attendees doesn’t have to happen. You and they have spent lots of time, energy, and money going virtual for the last year, so don’t lose that element just yet. Cater to that audience and provide an engaging virtual experience that will leave them feeling like they were there in person. They can still view and participate in online elements from wherever they are and feel like VIP insiders even from a distance. This creates an entirely new audience for your event!

Using virtual elements for your in-person event can be more profitable.

Creating a livestream or even a whole virtual experience for your audience can create a whole new revenue stream. You’ll be able to deliver your content to people from around the country or even around the world. Plus, you can upsell those in-person attendees to receive the VIP access to your content long term. It’s a win for those unable to attend in person and a bonus for guests present at the event. In addition, by increasing your attendance, you increase your sponsorship value. You sponsors will be eager to support your efforts, and that means your dollars go further. Go the extra mile to create a virtual element you just might see a bigger impact.

Delivering a hybrid event allows your content to be used long-term.

Not only can using virtual elements create another revenue stream, but you’ll also be able to continue to re-use recorded content in future email campaigns, social media posts, and on website pages. This makes adding virtual to any in-person event something that can last long term. Create evergreen content that you return to time and time again or use it as bonus features for new members. Maybe you refer to it in future webinars or develop additional focus groups from that very footage. The various ways you use and further develop your virtual content are endless.

As we return to in-person gatherings, it’s important not to lose everything we’ve learned from virtual events. We know why virtual events are worth it and we understand what you need to know as we return to live events. But talk to an event professional to see if a hybrid event is right for you.

So let’s see if the benefits of hybrid events will work for you.

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