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Saint Patrick High School has held their annual Green and Gold Gala for over 50 years. However, they had never done a virtual gala until this year. With virtual events taking centerstage over the last twelve months, Saint Pat knew they needed to make their virtual gala stand out.

Enter Absolute Production Services. Saint Pat and Absolute have worked together for several years producing their Green and Gold Gala, and Absolute was thrilled for the opportunity to create their event virtually this year. Working together, they created a virtual gala that was not only engaging but raised some serious funding for their cause.

 So, how did they make their virtual gala stand out?

  • Saint Pat used their usual, engaging emcee, Greg “G-Man” Dellinger. He provided a bit of normalcy and excitement in a time that was unusual and different. Plus, he always creates a positive atmosphere and this year was no exception.
  • They created a dynamic online brochure to highlight sponsors, acknowledge volunteers, make announcements, and get people excited for the virtual gala. By utilizing the online format, there were even more opportunities for people and businesses to participate. Plus, they could include a more engaging message.
  • Saint Pat also used a variety of speakers, performances, and media to really draw their participants in. Speakers and performers varied from students and alumni to high profile leaders and special guests. They had unique musical performances as well as put a spotlight on student achievement. Lastly, they incorporated texting to better involve their audience. Then, they highlighted participants and donors live as the gala went on.
  • Another way of making their virtual gala stand out was to use multiple camera angles and backdrops. This made the event anything but boring. Saint Pat utilized Absolute’s portable virtual event studio. Absolute provided all the video, audio, and lighting to help create an attractive backdrop to captivate the audience and make the virtual gala feel a little more “homey.”

Saint Pat had some really great virtual event ideas, and simply needed help executing those ideas. By working with a virtual event professional, they could amplify their message. They discovered the value of doing a virtual event, specifically hosting a virtual fundraiser, and raised awareness and funds for their cause.

Saint Pat knew the key elements they wanted for their virtual gala and Absolute knew how to make those elements stand out, virtually. It was a win-win – plus a lot of fun! Kudos to Saint Patrick High School for another great Green and Gold Gala event.

“We have worked with Absolute the last several years and have been impressed with their work! This was our first virtual event and they did an awesome job! Our viewers gave us a thumbs up on the whole production!”

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