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You have probably heard of Chris Gardner. You just may not have known his real name. Chris’ story is featured in the movie Pursuit of Happyness, the 2006 blockbuster hit starring Will Smith. He is now a critically acclaimed author, entrepreneur, single parent, speaker and philanthropist.

When the Chris Gardner Media team reached out to Absolute Production Services, we jumped at the opportunity. He wanted to take his Back to High School Permission 2 Dream tour online.

The Back to High School Permission 2 Dream is operated through the Chris Gardner Foundation, which is committed to ensuring that everyone has permission to dream.

Chris talks to America’s next generation of leaders about how to set and obtain life goals. He shares his own stories and financial lessons via his nationwide tour and continued virtual support.

The tour also opens up a world of opportunity for corporate partners looking to reach and impact today’s Generation Z and tomorrows workforce of employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

We’re humbled to be a part of such an important cause – empowering the youth of America – during a year of challenges and online learning.


Chris Gardner Media was looking for a virtual event solution.

They knew they needed to create a virtual event, but they weren’t sure where to start. It needed to meet their needs and their budget, so they knew talking to a professional was the best next step.

Enter Virtual Events Powered by Absolute.

By meeting with a virtual event professional, they could find the best solution for them. Together, we discovered ways to make their event fit their budget, their timeline, and their audience.

Chris used our in-house studio to film his Back to High School programming. And he utilized virtual scenery and green screen technology to take it to the next level. We filmed core pieces of his event to be used throughout his tour. Then, we created specific clips that could be interchanged depending on the audience and location.

This helped create a more engaging event specific for the location and the audience without re-filming the entire program. It saved hours of recording and editing time which in turn, saved money. By maximizing technology resources, Chris could focus his efforts on his message, his marketing, and ultimately his tour’s reach. It was a win for everyone.

Meet with a virtual event professional to find out how to maximize technology for your next event.

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