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Why Have a Virtual Fundraiser Event?

Virtual Fundraiser Events. Should you do one?

As we approach the end of 2020 and the holiday season, we inevitably approach year end giving season. This means it may be time to think about hosting your own virtual fundraising event. If you’re affiliated with a non-profit or know of any non-profit organizations, you know exactly what we mean. It’s the end of the year, so it’s time to plan an online fundraiser event that no one will forget!

And you probably know that this year has been especially hard for our non-profit community. Every fundraising gala and silent auction have all been cancelled for the last eight months. That means there have been no galas or auctions or wine festivals and our non-profit sector is hurting.

If you have one fundraising idea this year, let it be a virtual fundraiser event. You can still do your end of the year letter and all your typical, socially distanced fundraising ideas, but a virtual fundraiser event is honestly your best bet. Plus, your typical fundraiser events can generate great online fundraiser ideas. So bring your virtual fundraising event ideas forward because they probably make excellent online fundraisers.

If you’re thinking, what’s the point, we get it. A virtual event doesn’t seem as fun or as engaging or as predictable a your typical in-person event, but the perks are actually pretty incredible. We have the top three reasons you should host a virtual fundraiser event.

1. Reach more people.

No longer are you bound by geographical access. Your virtual event can be attended by people from around the nation – even the world! Not only that, but you might find a whole new audience to engage. If your website isn’t extending enough reach, post your event on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram where you can share the event with anyone. Not only that, but get your attendees to share your event for extra raffle entries, and suddenly what could have been 100 people turns into an additional 100 people per share. That’s exponential growth!

2. Raise more money.

If you’re doing a fundraiser event of any kind, your goal is to save money, and a virtual fundraiser event does just that – and in two ways! The first way is in actually saving you money. With no venue rental or food and beverage costs, your overhead is already at an all-time low. Throw in minimal labor expenses and less event equipment rental, and your costs are slashed even more. The second way a virtual fundraiser event can raise more money is with the additional reach you get. Instead of only raising money from local givers or nearby generous donors, with a virtual event, anyone can hear the cause and decide it’s for them. Reach alumni nationwide, access attendees coast to coast, and share stories of impact around the world as well. You save costs and have access to more donors so more money can go to your cause.

3. Keep momentum.

You don’t want to be lost in the shuffle this year, especially if you’ve been quiet for months due to the circumstances. Hosting a virtual event fundraiser allows you to keep your organization front of mind, while generating renewed excitement and vigor for your cause. Plus, your virtual event can have an impact for months to come.

Certain donors couldn’t attend? Send them the replay.

Want to remind your interested parties of all the good your group does? Send an e-blast with the highlights.

Need to introduce your organization to new prospects? Share the video on your website or break down the video to share across all social media.

This event can live forever and be reshared, reviewed, and retold hundreds of times as you continue your cause.

Make your virtual fundraising event memorable so it can be repurposed to continue generating momentum and raising funds for months or even years to come.

Are you ready to host a virtual fundraiser event?

Ready to reach more people even while socially distanced?
Time to raise more money even in a pandemic?
Want to keep momentum even when you’ve cancelled all your regular events?

If you want to reach more people, raise more money, and keep momentum for your charity, organization, or association, then a virtual fundraising event is for you. Let us help you get started.

If you need a step-by-step guide on the logistics of planning an online fundraiser, check out this article. Then let us help you bring your online fundraiser ideas to life. From original concept and brainstorming virtual fundraising event ideas to recording the perfect segments to tell your story and final execution, let’s make it a fundraising event to remember. Are you ready?

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See how we can make a virtual fundraising event work for you.