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Saint Patrick High School has held their annual Green and Gold Gala for over 50 years. They were even able to host it virtually during the pandemic but were happy to return to the in-person event. 

Saint Pat and Absolute have worked together several times producing their Green and Gold Gala for years, and Absolute is always thrilled for the opportunity whether it’s in-person or virtual!

Saint Patrick has found the sweet spot of making their event stand out no matter the circumstances. How do they do it?

  • Saint Pat has an engaging emcee, Greg “G-Man” Dellinger. He always kicks up the excitement and creates a positive atmosphere.
  • They always do a great job of highlighting sponsors, acknowledging volunteers, and getting people excited for their gala. They have a high participation rate and a really engaging message.
  • Saint Pat also uses a variety of speakers, performances, and media to really draw in their participants. Using engaging and diverse speakers, performers, students, and alumni for various performances. 
  • Another way of making their virtual gala stand out was to use multiple camera angles and backdrops. This made the event anything but boring. Saint Pat utilized Absolute’s portable virtual event studio. Absolute provided all the video, audio, and lighting to help create an attractive backdrop to captivate the audience and make the virtual gala feel a little more “homey.”

Saint Pat had some really great virtual event ideas, and Absolute helped execute them. Then, when they could go back to in-person events, Absolute was ready to bring those ideas to life too. They discovered the value of doing a virtual event, specifically hosting a virtual fundraiser, but they also recognized how great those in-person events are. They simply can’t be replaced.

Kudos to Saint Patrick High School for another great Green and Gold Gala event.

“We have worked with Absolute the last several years and have been impressed with their work! This was our first virtual event and they did an awesome job! Our viewers gave us a thumbs up on the whole production!”

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