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The NCAA Final Four weekend is the pinnacle of the March Madness tournament every single year. While it is an exciting event to watch on television, it’s even better to be there in person. With interactive games, special activations, pop-up bars, big name concerts like Saweetie, speaking engagements, and more, this year’s Women’s NCAA Final Four weekend in Dallas, Texas, did not disappoint. 


Absolute has been a part of the women’s NCAA Final Four weekend multiple times, and we are always honored to be in the middle of the action. From set up and activation to AV and breakdown, this weekend hits all the highlights. Working alongside so many incredible sponsors to make an unforgettable weekend and ultimately a memorable experience for each and every attendee was a real treat. The games held nonstop action while all the surrounding activities provided entertainment for the masses.

The NCAA Final Four weekend is an event that just keeps getting better year after year. Absolute is already looking forward to next year’s Final Four in Cleveland, Ohio. Make your plans now to be there!



Buick leads the #seehergreatness initiative where their mission is to “help increase women’s visibility in sports by encouraging viewership, supporting initiatives that drive equity, and creating platforms for women to have meaningful conversations about the issues that face them.” You can see more about this initiative at the Buick website.

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