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The Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a center for theater, music, dance and comedy. They want it to be a place where artists and patrons share their love of the performing arts. With the global pandemic shutting down a lot of opportunities for fundraiser events, the ECPA knew they had to pivot to make things happen.

That’s when they called us at Absolute Production Services and asked about doing a virtual event.

The ECPA is raising money to build a state-of-the-art facility right in downtown Elmhurst, and they didn’t want to lose any momentum. Through partnerships and planning, they were able to get their message across loud and clear. Plus, they raised money for their cause in the process. Here are some of the ways they made their event stand out:

  • Highlighted their student musicians and performers to display their talents and the need for a Centre for Performing Arts.
  • Partnered with local vendors to offer an Experience Box that allowed people to enjoy champagne and snacks during the event.
  • Gave reminders for attendees to register at the beginning of the show, so they’d be ready to bid during the live auction.
  • Encouraged attendees to take pictures of themselves participating in the event. They could share it on social or email it to the ECPA so everyone could share the excitement.
  • Offered live and pre-recorded content so their message came across clearly while still engaging participants.
  • Offered a variety of entertainment for guests so no one was ever bored and the audience stayed engaged.

Lastly, they thanked all their donors and sponsors by name and highlighted them to thank them for all their help.

The ECPA shared the spotlight and acknowledged the efforts of everyone involved. Plus, they created a diversified event with multiple ways to engage. In these ways this virtual gala created a big splash both in the local community and with prospective philanthropists everywhere. They now have a link they can share with anyone unable to attend and content they can share for years to come.

“We cannot say enough wonderful things about Absolute and their Team. For our first virtual fundraiser, they pateiently walked us through all of the things that needed to happen in this new format. The Team was communicative and thorough, responsive and helpful. Everyone took pride in their work, reprenting our organization well and making us shine. On top of the professionalism and attention to detail, they were all lovely to work with… helpful, kind and fun. We LOVED our experience and would highly recommend to anyone planning a virtual event, especially one as extensive a production as ours (YouTube streaming, live portions, pre-recorded items, event branding images/logos/text). Absolute is the best of the best!”

Hosting a virtual event, creates a win both during the live event and for years to come.

It’s just one of the perks of doing a virtual event. Read even more advantages to hosting a virtual fundraiser or see what other kinds of events you can do virtually. And if you’re still wondering if a virtual event is right for you, see our top questions about virtual event and why a virtual event is worth it in our blog.

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