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You Need an Event Partner That Can Pivot

There are a lot of event production companies out there, but in these uncertain times, you need one that can pivot. You need the capabilities of a large production company but the nimbleness of a smaller company that can change when you need to.

As the last several months have shown us, life is unpredictable. Events have made a huge comeback these last few months, and we’ve seen just how important in-person events and social gatherings truly are. But with the Delta variant on the rise, it’s important to still make sure people are safe. This is where partnering with event production companies that can pivot is so important.

Here’s why:

1. Your audience in unpredictable.

Are your attendees willing to show up to an in-person event or would they rather watch from home?

Do you think your audience is comfortable being indoors or would they only attend an outdoor event?

How comfortable are your attendees with wearing masks? What about social distancing?

Would they even participate in a virtual event?

Your audience might not answer these questions the same way. When you have a large gathering planned but the pandemic takes a turn, and you need to add a streaming option for those that are uncomfortable attending, you will need an event partner that can pivot with your audience. Event production companies need to be able to add services like live streaming or interactive virtual social walls so your guests can all have a great experience – in-person or not.

2. Your rules are unpredictable.

Are masks required?

Does your event facility have capacity limits due to COVID?

What kinds of safety measures are required at your venue?

The rules and regulations in the pandemic seem to change by the day. In order to make sure you’re not breaking any rules and that all event goers feel comfortable, partner with someone that can navigate those changes with you and predict your needs before problems arise. It’s important to have an event partner that already knows the questions to ask, the current requirements, and how to adjust as needed as your event gets closer.

3. Your needs are unpredictable.

Events aren’t planned overnight.

This means that between booking a venue and the time of your event, the circumstances just might change. You might find yourself needing additional labor to set up social distancing screens or sanitation stations. Maybe you will decide to add a digital component at the last minute because a large chunk of your audience has decided it’s unsafe for them to attend in-person. Or worse yet, maybe your key speaker can no longer make it due to border restrictions.

If you need a last minute video stream or more laborers or additional speakers to allow for social distancing, then get an event partner that can pivot.

While in-person events are back in full swing, we’re not completely done with this pandemic, and you don’t want to get caught without a plan. You have a lot of event production companies to choose from, but make sure you have one that’s ready for anything you throw at them.

Here at Absolute, we consider ourselves an extension of your team. We pivot when you do. And if your event needs changes at the last minute, we’re ready for that. Our “Powered by Absolute” mantra speaks to our commitment to making your event – live, virtual, or hybrid – stand out with flawless execution. We have customized options tailored to exactly what your event needs – even if it’s last minute. Let’s see what we can do for you!

Get an event partner that can pivot!

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