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Labor Management

Seamless and straightforward labor hiring and management without the stress.
We do that.

Labor Management Leave the stress out of hiring union labor.

Labor management and labor sourcing can be overwhelming. Even if your event is perfectly planned and seemingly flawless, having to hire union labor could be an issue. There are so many rules to understand, equipment lists to figure out, and people to know. Hiring union labor is no easy task. Each union has its own rules, each venue has its own rules, and each of those can change based on the state or city you’re in too. It’s so easy to get in over your head or get lost in all the questions you might be asking:  

What are the rules for the union labor I need?

How can I make sure I don’t overpay for my union labor?

Do I need union labor?

How can I find union labor?

What questions should I even be asking when hiring union labor?

This is where we come in. We take the stress out of hiring and managing union labor. Partnering with our sister company, Labor Boss, we provide simple, honest, and guaranteed union labor hiring, and we’ll manage it from load-in to final invoice. We put you in charge with simplified transparency and a clear breakdown of labor.

No more guessing.

No more overpaying.


Get seamless and straightforward union labor hiring and labor management without the stress.


You send us the scope of your event and we get you a guaranteed quote for union labor. And we’ll save you money in the process. It’s as simple as that.


There are no gimmicks or tricks with us. You get exactly what you need without anything you don’t. No surprise overages or confusing reports, just a clear breakdown of your event.

Hiring Union Labor

Hiring union labor can be confusing, time consuming, and expensive. Use a pro that knows all the rules to make sure you don’t pay for more than you need. No hoops or tricks. Just simple, easy, honest union labor hiring and management.

Case Studies

Walmart Holiday Drone Light Show

This traveling drone light show was a real hit in a tough season.

Laver Cup

This annual tennis tournament draws the masses and entertains for days.

Obama Farewell

We helped provide a fitting send off for the nation’s 44th president.

Need Union Labor?

From hiring labor to labor management, we’ve got you.