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Freelance Crew
Roster Update

We're updating our list

A lot has changed in the last year but as things reopen and events return, we need you!

We’re looking for experienced, passionate, and friendly freelancers who are ready to get back in the event game. Even if you’ve worked with us before, please fill out the below information to get on our freelance list. We don’t know if you’ve moved, taken full time work, honed new skills, or are available unless you’re in our updated database.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll update our list, or add you to it!

  • Enter your contact information below. We communicate by email and text frequently. Please include an email address your check often as many job details and requests for availability are conducted through email.

  • Please indicate your technical proficiencies by selecting them in the form below in order from your 1st to 5th choice.

    At the bottom of the page we have defined each proficiency in terms of what we expect you to know and be responsible for if utilized for that position. Use this as a guide when making your selections.
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  • Enter your 10-hour day rate
  • Are you open to working half-days? (Half-day rate = 5 hour maximum)
  • We have just a few final items we would like to update.

  • Some of the venues we work in require our staff to have a current COVID-19 Vaccination. Are you willing to divulge your vaccination status on your own free will should we need it? Please note we are not asking if you are vaccinated, just if you are willing to tell us and produce your CDC vaccination record should we need it.
  • Please indicate your willingness to travel
  • Please indicate if you are an independent contractor and are paid as an individual (not a company), or if you own your own company with legitimate business insurance and EIN number. (If you own your own company please be prepared to provide the necessary supporting documentation--we will ask for it when we follow up with you.)


Note: If you are experiencing issues with submitting the form, please make sure you are using the latest version of Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge browser.

Role Definitions and Descriptions

Use the definitions below as your guide to selecting your areas of expertise above. We are fairly specific on some of the definitions so that we get a good understanding of your abilities to match you with with the most appropriate work.

Let’s get back to work!