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Award Winning Events

Want your event to stand out? We do that. 

Award Winning Events Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

When you’ve been around as long as Absolute, you must be doing something right. Not only do customers return to us time and time again, but we’ve also been a part of producing events that have won industry recognized award. We’re not here to brag. We let our work speak for itself, but it’s nice to brag a bit every now and then too.

Nike Church

We helped transform a Chicago area church into a basketball facility called ‘Just Do It HQ at The Church’ for Chicago’s youth. Working with Momentum Worldwide, not only was this project functional for youth sports, but it was also beautiful. Even better, it served the youth of Chicago so they could have a gym to utilize throughout the summer months. Nike Church won Momentum a Cannes Lions award. The Industry Craft Lions celebrate the creative artistry, talent and skill required to deliver a beautifully executed solution and bring a creative idea to life – demonstrating expertise and vision in the application of creative techniques.

We were thrilled to be a part of this event! 

Chrysler Camp Jeep®

Chrysler’s Camp Jeep® has won multiple awards including “Best Program Generating Brand Loyalty” at the MAA Worldwide GLOBES Awards. It has been one of the nation’s largest and best-attended ownership gatherings. Camp Jeep was also awarded the same award at Promo Magazine’s annual PRO Awards. Camp Jeep is a three-day ownership event filled with activities including Jeep 101 driving courses, Jeep 4×4 trail rides, Rubicon Challenge Course,  engineering roundtables, hiking, kayaking, outdoor survival skills, fly casting, children’s activities, spa services, yoga, an outdoor gourmet cooking school and numerous arts and crafts. 


This was an incredibly dynamic event to be a part of and the fun was nonstop!

Burger King BK Fam Fest


The Burger King BK Famfest was quite the event! Built to be an experience reaching the African-American community, guests like Kevin Hart and Mario made it one to remember. The event featured activities, games, giveaways, live performances, and other celebrity appearances. BK Famfest won the Event Marketer EX-Award for the Best Multi-Cultural Event Campaign. It was a huge success for event producers and attenders alike.

What an incredible event! We were so proud to be a part of it.


We Make Your Event Stand Out

No matter the size or scope of your event, we want to make it award worthy. That means no cutting corners or shortcuts. We’re confident in what we do, which is providing you with the highest quality equipment and people without breaking your budget.

Ready to create your award winning event?

Make the biggest impact At your event with all the right elements.